Fall Foliage Peak Timing

Lost Lakes, Crested Butte, Colorado

Fall is an amazingly beautiful time of year, as this stylized photo taken last year clearly shows.  Every year I receive many phone calls this time of year asking about the Fall foliage and my prediction to when it will peak.  This year, starting as soon as May the weather patterns were obviously ahead of what we consider a normal schedule.  Due to the lack of snowpack, melting was in a rush and sped up the process of everything in the Valley.  Which creates good and bad, trails opened up sooner but the wildflowers came and went much faster than normal.  River flows have been the talk of the town.  Fortunately hunting does not seem to be effected, which is great for all our hunter clients.  However the cooler temps, especially in the night time and added moisture has sped up the schedule of the turning of the leaves.  Normally the Aspen’s seem to climax or peak around September 25-27th and for this year I am predicting it will be closer to the 20th.  With that said, I am no climatologist but it is very obvious that global warming is happening and affecting our weather patterns.